DD Series

Synchronous servo motors for cyclical positioning of small masses – modular and highly dynamic


Thanks to their modular design, the servo motors of the DD series can be quickly configured and individually expanded. The DD series comprises two sizes and various lengths. In both cases, the A-side fixed bearing of the shaft prevents its expansion in the direction of the mechanics. This protects the machine while enabling direct attachment without a coupling. The power supply and the transmission of the digital encoder signals can be carried out either via two cables or via hybrid cable (Hiperface DSL). The single-cable solution reduces cabling effort and takes up less space in the machine.

Reduced space requirements, lower costs

The stator windings are encapsulated, thereby optimising heat dissipation. The motor is convection-cooled, and in combination with fan or liquid cooling, achievable continuous output is increased. Efficiency can be optimised by means of a customised design of the winding.


The motor has a significantly reduced moment of inertia due to its design. In this way, it accelerates quickly and increases the productivity of the application – these tend to be machines in the packaging, plastics or textile industries, or for woodworking or robotic solutions.

Versatile in use

Versatile in use

The DD series is versatile in its use and ideal for packaging, plastics, textile machines and robots, among other applications.

Two different sizes

Two different sizes

The DD series is available in the flange sizes 55 and 80 mm

Product features

Flange size
100, 142 mm
Power range
0.96 kW - 27 kW
Rated speed
1800 - 5000 [min-1]
Rated torque
2.85 - 70.6 [Nm]
Cooling type
Convection, forced-ventilated and liquid-cooled
Protection class
IP54 (optional IP65)
Available with and without brake
Resolver, EnDat 2.1 / 2.2 light, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL
Single-cable solution
optional available
Declaration of Conformity (EU) (UKCA), CSA

Technical data and documents

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