KHY Hybrid distributor

The intelligent interface between centralized and decentralized drive technology.

Simple and scalable

The KHY hybrid distributor is the intelligent interface between centralised and decentralised drive technology. It simplifies the combination of different signals and supply voltages from the central drive level. The KHY acts as an intelligent interface to the decentralised drive environment. The standardised interface is designed as a module – a simple expansion of central control cabinet devices.

Secures and monitors

One DC fuse for the short circuit is integrated directly into the KHY. By means of current detection it is possible to provide overload protection for the connected cables. In this way, the hybrid distributor monitors the DC link and decentralised drive train and continues to detect earth faults. The switch-off response can be configured and the switch-off thresholds can be adjusted depending on the application.

Integrated DC fuses

Integrated DC fuses

The hybrid distributor KHY has integrated DC fuses. This means that external fuse components can be dispensed with in hybrid drive systems.

Simple integration

Simple integration

The hybrid distributor KHY has the same dimensions as the KE and KW modules and can therefore be directly connected to the central drive system.

Product features

Cooling type
Cold plate
Module width
55 mm
2.6 kg
Declaration of conformity (EU) (UKCA) / TÜV / CSA
DC bus input and forwarding
Rated voltage
540 - 720 VDC
Rated current
20 A
24 V Logic supply - input and forwarding
Rated voltage
24 VDC ±15 %, ripple max. 5 %
Rated current
0.3 A
Input power
7.2 W
Maximum current terminals
20 A
Digital outputs
Rated voltage
24 VDC
Rated current
100 mA
Permanently short-circuit proofed, non-isolated, exclusively for ohmic load

Technical data and documents

Soft- and Firmware

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