Centralized drive solutions

Our central drive solutions with scalable output levels are the first choice when it comes to systems with multiple axes and continuous power output levels of up to 200 kW.

Integrated safety

As one of the leading manufacturers, AMKmotion also offers protection against restarting (Safe Torque Off = STO) as standard in terms of functional safety for servo inverters. Our certified drive-specific safety functions support safe machine concepts up to PL e (ISO 13849-1.2008) and SIL (IEC 62061). 


The scalable compact inverters individually supply the connected servo motors with power. With the flexible plug-in controller cards, our KE/KW servo drive system offers just the right power performance for all applications in plant and machine construction.

Energy efficiency

For optimum energy management, we offer the compact power supply modules with mains feedback, too. The energy feedback is optionally block-type or sinusoidal.

KE/KW - servo drive system

The intelligent servo drive system KE/KW enables efficient use to be made of valuable installation space. AMKmotion`s sophisticated cooling technology ensures optimum heat dissipation and increases service life. This allows a saving of up to 50% by volume. The unrestricted positioning of the modules also provides the freedom you need for ergonomic machine design.

The controller platform in the servo drive system KE/KW opens up completely new possibilities for higher performance using the latest processor technology. Real-time Ethernet (RTE) via EtherCAT or VARAN provides powerful system communication for machine automation. Using only the modules actually needed with the desired range of functions delivers an extremely favourable price/performance ratio.



A combination of the compact power supply (KE) and the compact inverter (KW) form the servo drive system, which is rounded off by the flexible controller cards. Functional safety can be integrated as an option.

Highly dynamic

Highly dynamic

The compact power supply generates the DC bus and supplies the compact inverters with power. Surplus energy can be fed back into the grid or stored temporarily.

Individually scalable

Individually scalable

The main task of the compact inverters is to control the connected servo motors. In this case, an inverter can control one or more servo motors. As one power supply module is able to supply several inverters, it is possible to implement a scalable servo drive system.