SKT Series

Linear drives convert rotation into linear motion – for high axial loads


The SKT hollow-shaft motors combine a powerful servo motor with axial bearings and a mounting for ball screws. A spindle-nut system turns them into linear actuators ready for direct use. SKT motors are designed for high axial loads and are used in press applications or as hydraulic replacements, for example. Available both as a blind hole or with continuous hollow shaft. The continuous hollow shaft means that there is no need for separate rotary feedthroughs.


The linear drives are adaptable – in terms of output, spindle diameter and axial force. There is also the choice of a version with a continuous or a one-sided closed hollow shaft, for unlimited or limited stroke.

Direct efficiency

Direct efficiency

Direct coupling of the hollow shaft with a spindle increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall system. In addition, its extremely high rigidity enables high control loop gain and precise linear movements.

Specialist for heavy loads

Specialist for heavy loads

The SKT motor is fitted with a heavy-duty bearing for use with high thrust forces. Their direct integration saves costs and reduces space requirements.

Product features

Flange size
55, 70, 100, 142, 190, 260 mm
Ø Hollow shaft
35, 65, 105 mm
Power range
0,9 - 78 kW
Maximum speed
500 - 3500 [min-1]
Maximum torque
5 - 500 [Nm]
Cooling type
Convection and liquid-cooled
International protection code
Available with and without brake
EnDat 2.1 / 2.2 light, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL
Single-cable solution
Optional available
Declaration of Conformity (EU) (UKCA), CSA

Technical data and documents

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