Service Techniker

Remote and on-site service

Our remote and on-site service offers fast, efficient solutions to tackle your technical challenges – by phone, online or directly on your premises.

Remote and on-site service

You have quick and direct access to our specialists remotely and on-site. Whether you need advice by phone, online support or on-site assistance – we’re there to help. Our service team supports you with diagnostics, troubleshooting, and in optimising your systems, as well as carrying out firmware updates. Should a device exchange be necessary, we provide replacement devices and support during installation and set-up.

Remote service

  • Support from our specialists, by telephone and online
  • Diagnosis and debugging of technical problems
  • Firmware updates

On-site service

  • Personal support provided by our experts
  • Optimisation of your systems and processes
  • Provision and installation of replacement equipment


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