DP Series

Synchronous servo motors for the high-torque positioning of larger masses – the power-oriented option.

Dynamic endurance runner

The servo motors of the DP series have a lower number of poles than the DP series, so they are suitable for higher speeds in continuous operation. The optimised magnetic circuit reduces cogging – and the motor functions more uniformly. This makes the DP motor ideal for machines in film or paper processing or wherever outstanding synchronisation properties are required.

Exceptional performance

Exceptional performance

Due to their outstanding power density, the synchronous servo motors DP are particularly suitable when a high degree of continuous power must be provided in confined spaces, or when exceptional efficiency is required in continuous operations.

Extremely good synchronisation characteristics

Extremely good synchronisation characteristics

The synchronous servo motors DP are characterised by extremely good synchronization characteristics and low noise emissions. This makes them particularly suitable for continuous operation in the field weakening range.

Product features

Flange size
260 mm
Power range
2.8 kW - 86.9 kW
Rated speed
1000 - 3500 [min-1]
Rated torque
14.9 - 650 [Nm]
Cooling type
Protection class
Available with and without brake
EnDat 2.1 / 2.2 light
Single-cable solution
Declaration of Conformity (EU) (UKCA), CSA

Technical data and documents

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