“If it’s conceivable, it’s doable”

The company was founded in 1963 as AMK Arnold Müller GmbH & Co. KG. It has belonged to the Arburg family since 2021 and has operated under the name AMKmotion GmbH + Co KG since then. The company name AMK is derived from the initials of the founder Arnold Müller and the company headquarters in Kirchheim unter Teck. Through creativity and pioneering spirit, the company has developed numerous technological innovations over the decades – true to the motto: “If it’s conceivable, it’s doable”.

Milestones of a success story


Expansion of the company headquarters

Expansion of the Kirchheim unter Teck site. Inauguration of the new logistics centre and the refurbished office building.


Solution partner

AMKmotion focuses on its strength: the development of drive solutions for industrial plant and machine construction.


Membership of the ARBURG family

At the beginning of the year, the entrepreneurial family Keinath and Hehl takes over the Drives and Automation division. Change of name to AMKmotion GmbH + Co KG: the company joins the ARBURG family as an affiliate.


The AMK Group has split

The “Drives and Automation” forms a separate company. The Zhongding Group focuses on the “Automotive” division.


Membership of the Zhongding Group

The Chinese Zhongding Group takes over AMK.


Decentralised drive ihXT

The ihXT decentralised drive with 600-volt technology is integrated even more compactly and provided with a single-cable solution.


Market launch of decentralised drive technology

The decentralised drive technology AMKASMART iDT, iX and iC is launched on the market. It is designed for installation close to the motor.


New building in Weida

The new facility for PCB production in Weida is occupied.


Innovative medium-sized company

AMK receives the “TOP 100” award as one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Baden Württemberg.


Compact drives

AMK launches the world’s most compact actuators on the market. The KE/KW system AMKASYN is a liquid-cooled inverter.


Gabrovo site, Bulgaria

Opening of the plant in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, for stator production and sales.


Cooperation with ARBURG

AMK’s electric drive technology replaces the hydraulics in the injection moulding machines. Partnership-based business relations are established with ARBURG.


Intelligent drives

AMK succeeds in integrating the PLC control unit into the drive before this technology becomes customary on the market.


Weida site

Founding of AMK Elektroanlagen und Gerätebau GmbH + Co KG. Establishment of an electronics production facility in Weida as a supplier to AMK Kirchheim unter Teck.


Hollow shaft motor for linear drive

The innovative hollow shaft motor of the SPINDASYN series was developed in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart. In combination with a spindle-nut system, the hollow-shaft motor becomes a ready-to-use linear drive.


Digital three-phase drive technology

AMK is the first company to develop digital three-phase drive technology to series maturity – a technology that has since become established as the global standard.


Further development into a medium-sized company

AMK develops into a medium-sized company and moves into another new building on the Bohnau industrial estate in Kirchheim unter Teck.


Market launch of control unit

The first control unit for shop floor programming is launched.


Patented three-phase motors

Series production of the world’s first infinitely variable three-phase motors. The three-phase variable speed motor with double rotor system is patented to AMK. A short time later, the company implements angular synchronisation.


Engine winding facility

AMK is one of the first companies in Germany to produce windings automatically. Mechanical production and motor winding are streamlined by means of winding and drawing-in machines. Even in its early days, AMK developed customized solutions.


From garage to company

The new production building in Klosterstraße is occupied.


Start of motor production

Arnold Müller starts production of his first motors in a rented shop, incorporating his home as a workshop and warehouse.

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