LD Series

Synchronous servo motors for highly dynamic cyclical positioning of small masses – highly dynamic


With an integrated permanent magnet brake, the brake attachment is backlash-free and causes no brake abrasion. It increases the service life of the LD motor. Encapsulated stator windings dissipate heat well, as well as being reliably electrically insulated and protected.


Synchronous servo motors of the LD series are undemanding in terms of ambient conditions, space and installation position. The shaft has a fixed bearing on the B-side.



Fixed bearing on the B side

Four different sizes

Four different sizes

The LD series is available in flange sizes 55, 70, 100 and 142 mm.

Highly dynamic

Highly dynamic

Thanks to their low moment of inertia, they accelerate quickly, thereby increasing the productivity of the machine.

Technical Details

Product features

Flange size
55, 70, 100, 142 mm
Power range
0.3 - 10.5 kW
Rated speed
1800 - 6000 [min-1]
Rated torque
0.48 - 55.6 [Nm]
Cooling type
Convection, forced-ventilated and liquid-cooled
Protection class
IP54 (optional IP65)
Available with and without brake
Resolver, EnDat 2.1 / 2.2 light, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL
Single-cable solution
optional available
Declaration of Conformity (EU) (UKCA), CSA

Technical data and documents

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