AMKmotion Produktschulungen

Drive Systems KE / KW + iX / iC / iDT5 / ihXT – SUL 32 (SUL 30 + 31)

Dates Duration

2.5 days

Target groups Target groups

Plant engineers
Those commissioning a plant for the first time
Application engineers


This training course combines SUL 30 and 31. Participants receive comprehensive training on the central servo drive system KE/KW, on the decentralised drive system and the relevant components. The training course focuses on the practical use of the products. For this reason, we provide participants with suitable training equipment throughout the course.

We practice how to use the drive system and the software AIPEX PRO or AIPEX Advanced. We carry out an initial commissioning together.


  • Product overview of the servo drive system
  • Functionality of the servo drive system
  • System structure and basic functionality
  • Software tool AIPEX PRO or AIPEX Advanced
  • Commissioning and parameterisation with the aid of the oscilloscope
  • Controller optimisation
  • Diagnosis


  • Qualification as an electrician
  • General knowledge of servo drive technology is an advantage.

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