AMKmotion Produktschulungen

Basic Knowledge of AMKmotion Control Programming – SUL 50

Dates Duration

1 day

Target groups Target groups

CODESYS beginners and newcomers to the IEC structured text (ST) programming language.
Preparation for AMKmotion programming training.


In our comprehensive CODESYS training course you will receive a detailed introduction to the automation framework. We start with the basics of programming and data types, including the use of variables – both local and global.  Arrays, structures and enumerations are another focus of the course. Participants are guided through the application and gain an understanding of functional blocks. You will learn the ST operators (AND, OR etc.) and ST statements (IF, CASE etc.) which are necessary for creating efficient and logical programmes. Finally, we practise creating visualisation elements which you can use to design your automation projects in a clear and user-friendly way.


  • Introduction to CODESYS
  • Variables (local, global, etc.)
  • Data types (arrays, structures, enumerations)
  • Functional blocks
  • ST operators (AND, OR, etc.)
  • ST instructions (IF, CASE, etc.)
  • Visualisation elements


  • Basic knowledge of PLC programming or a high-level language is an advantage.

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