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AIPEX PRO (CODESYS V3) with AFL4 libraries – SUL 52

Dates Duration

2 days

Target groups Target groups

Application engineers


The training course provides a comprehensive overview of the control modules and a well-formed introduction to the basic functions of the CODESYS V3 automation software. Participants will become familiar with the functional blocks of the AFL4 libraries and deepen their knowledge of standard functional blocks for controllers, feeders and drives. We explain the use of a virtual master as a setpoint generator for synchronous operation and positioning. In addition, participants learn how to integrate an EtherCAT I/O terminal and how to read and write parameter values. You will learn to use visualisation elements (WebVisu) and find out how to create a PLC programme for drives.


  • Overview of AMKmotion control modules
  • Basic functions of the CODESYS V3 automation software
  • Introduction and functional blocks of AFL4 libraries
  • Standard function modules for controls, power feeds and drives
  • Virtual master as setpoint generator (synchronous operation, positioning)
  • Integration of an EtherCAT I/O terminal
  • Read and write parameter values
  • Visualisation elements (WebVisu)
  • Create PLC programme for AMKmotion drives


Confident handling of the CODESYS V2 programming software and the programming language Structured Text. Previous participation in the AMKmotion training course “Basic Knowledge of AMKmotion Control Programming” (SUL 50) is advantageous.

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