Smart swivel units

In car body construction heavy parts often have to be placed in position with enormous precision – gently, quickly and to the nearest millimeter.
In all of these actions, movements are precisely controlled by swivel units.


Sheets are gripped, bent, punched, riveted, welded and put down again.
Short cycle times, electromagnetic fields, limited space, controlled movement sequences – car body construction is challenging. This is why automotive supplier DESTACO relies on drive technology by AMKmotion.


A decentralised solution and EMC-compliant design of the drives.
The combination of a decentralised power supply with the integrated motion controller iSA and the decentralised synchronous servo motor iDT5-5 makes the swivel units smart, robust and compact.



The iDT offers a solution for modular machines combining mechanics, electronics and software for decentralized use, with a peak power of up to 10 kW.


“Movement in the production process can be very dynamic, but the final position has to be reached accurately and smoothly. Together with AMKmotion, we were able to optimise the interface and the motion sequence. And with this solution we can adapt the parameters to current requirements as necessary.”

Uwe Lohage, DESTACO

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